In an effort to generate buzz surrounding Ardell Beauty’s latest lash collections, we organized a large-scale, festival-themed event in the heart of Toronto. The event featured a variety of installations, including interactive lash booths, a claw machine stocked with lashes, gift cards, and festival tickets as prizes, and a DIY makeup station. Attendees also had the opportunity to stop by an MUA station, where a talented Toronto makeup artist applied their favorite lashes.



As ARDELL’s Agency of Record throughout Canada, Rose PR was tasked with organizing an event to showcase the brand’s latest lash collections. In addition to being captivating, the event also had to be informative, with an emphasis on education regarding the different lash collections and how to apply them.



To ensure an engaging and informative event, we focused on creating dedicated installations for each type of lash, so that media and influencers had the opportunity to deeply engage with each collection. In addition, in order to make the event as “Instagrammable” as possible, we carefully selected an outstanding venue and ensured it was completely branded in Ardell, prompting influencers and media to want to share the experience with their audiences.

  • Curating Collections: We carefully identified the best selling collections in Canada, in addition to tiering the collections in terms of priority.
  • Booth Brilliance: For each collection, we conceptualized distinctive “booth” designs, providing a dedicated spotlight to educate consumers on their unique features.
  • Localization: In order to localize the brand as much as possible, we rented out one of Toronto’s best rooftop terrasse, which overlooks the city. In addition, we worked with local MUAs and and well-known local DJ to bring the party to life.
  • Local Flair: To amplify brand localization, we secured one of Toronto’s most recognizable rooftop terraces with a cityscape view. Collaborating with local makeup artists and a renowned Toronto DJ added a vibrant touch to bring the event to life.



Rose PR garnered 446 earned stories posts amounting to over 10,000,000 impressions across Canada.


This event generated an EMV of $280,000 CAD

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