St. Tropez, the No.1 and most trusted tanning brand for flawless results and a natural tan, launched their most luxurious range yet. Following the sell-out success of their debut and Limited Edition Ultimate Glow Kit with brand ambassador Ashley Graham, the iconic brand has not only responded to consumer demand to keep their highly sought after Luxe Whipped Crème Mousse and made a new and improved formulation a permanent feature within the range, but also complemented it with a new addition, Tan Tonic Glow Drops; a brand new supercharged, science backed, multi-tasking duo with high performing skincare benefits.



As St. Tropez’s AOR across Canada, Rose PR was tasked with ongoing public awareness surrounding the brand. For the Canadian launch of the Luxe Tan Duo, Rose PR was mandated to develop awareness surrounding the product through:
Media Relations
Paid and Unpaid Influencer Campaigns
Creative Mailer Send-Outs



In order to secure ongoing public awareness for the launch of St. Tropez’s Luxe Tan Duo collection in Canada, Rose PR employed the following:
Media Relations: Rose PR pitched out TIER A & B beauty, wellness, and lifestyle media to test out the product for reviews, round ups, beauty news etc.
Unpaid Influencer Creative Mailer Send Outs: Rose PR developed creative mailers and sent out over 120 PR boxes to TIER A & B beauty, wellness, and lifestyle media & influencers, as well as makeup artists and experts. The goal was to secure optimal social media awareness through stories unboxing and in-feed posts.
Paid Influencer Campaign: Rose PR developed a paid influencer campaign where we partnered with 3 TIER A Canadian beauty influencers to educate their followers on the Luxe Tan Duo range. We sought out influencers across YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.



Rose PR garnered 44 earned media stories amounting to over 8 million impressions across Canada. 


Additionally, through our various paid and unpaid influencer campaigns and creative mailer send outs, we have secured over 110 social media posts & stories, across TikTok, Instagram and YouTube amounting to over 3.7 million impressions. 


In total, Rose PR was able to secure 154 media and social media mentions, amounting to over 12.5 million impressions. 


This campaign generated an EMV of $210,900 CAD

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