Introducing Goodfood Breakfast, a collection of delicious and nutritious meals to jump-start your day. With original creations filled with wholesome natural ingredients, you’ll wonder how you ever survived the morning without them. Choose from a selection of ready-to-blend smoothies and artisanal oat bowls.



Rose PR was mandated to introduce the GoodFood Smoothies brand and ready-to-blend smoothie concept to all Canadians, and to secure media impressions across print, online and broadcast outlets across Canada with emphasis on Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver based publications. Additionally, Rose PR was tasked with securing organic non-paid social media impressions with Canadian-based influencers.



Rose PR sent out a press release, high-res images, and various Goodfood Breakfast description pamphlets to Canadian-based lifestyle, health, and nutrition editors, journalists, producers, and bloggers. Targeted pitches were employed based on outlet type.



In order to maximize the client’s ROI, Rose PR opted to conduct organic influencer seeding which included Breakfast box send outs to influencers for organic social media coverage. This allowed the influencers to taste and explore the different smoothie flavours before sharing their thoughts and impressions with their followers. All mentions of GoodFood’s new smoothie brand were tracked and tallied by Rose PR.



Over the course of 3 months, Rose PR garnered 45 earned press stories and over 30 million impressions across Canada. This included segments, articles, and mentions in: Huffington Post Quebec, Coup de pouce, , Global Montreal,  La Presse+, Le Must Magazine, Chatelaine, Magazine Vero, to name a few.


Rose PR achieved 464 unpaid posts & stories amounting to 7.6 million social media impressions via our our organic send outs. These were all secured via unpaid partnerships.

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